Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the ship once I get to South Lake Union Park?
When you arrive at South Lake Union Park, proceed to the Northeast corner of the park, or the Northwest corner of the MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) building.

What is your current Alcohol Policy?
On Family Treasure Cruises and Adult Pirate Party Cruises, we offer beer, cider and sparkling seltzer for purchase.

Guests are ONLY allowed to provide their own alcohol for PRIVATE EVENTS. You must obtain a Banquet Permit from WSLCB in order to do so. It is a very simple process that takes 5-10 minutes to complete online at a cost of $11.

Should we tip the crew?
Our crew works for tips and they are greatly appreciated. Suggested gratuity: 15%.

Where do we park?
Parking can be found to the west of South Lake Union Park along Westlake Avenue North. There is also parking at Chandler’s Cove to the East of the park. Please allow ample time to park and walk to the ship. Emerald City Pirates makes no representations of the availability of parking.

Will I get wet?
Probably not, but there is a chance that some water from the water cannons will blow back on us.

Will I get sea sick?
Probably not. We sail the waters of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Union, which are well protected from wind and waves and are nearly always calm.

Can I bring a pet?
Yes, dogs under 25 lbs are allowed, as long as they are well behaved and are able to sit in the owner’s lap for the cruise.

Can I bring an infant?
Yes, all ages are welcome. Because of our limited capacity, every passenger must be paid for, however. Infants, aged 0-18 months, $10.

Are there age restrictions?
On Family Treasure Cruises and Private Charters, there are none. If you can be a pirate, or even a future pirate, you’re needed to help vanquish the dreaded pirates of Lake Union! Adult Pirate Party Cruises are always 21+.

What if it rains?
This is an outdoor activity and scheduled cruises take place rain or shine. We are Seattleites. If the forecast predicts rain, be prepared with the appropriate attire. Should you forget, we have rain ponchos available in the ship’s store. Even Seattleites have their limitations, however. In the case of extreme weather events such as gale force winds, the captain may deem conditions to be hazardous and a cruise may need to be canceled. In that case, we will notify you as soon as possible and passengers will be offered refunds or the opportunity to reschedule.

Are there snacks and drinks on board?
Yes, we have water, soft drinks, light snacks, beer and cider for sale in the ship’s store. Outside food and drinks are not allowed on our Adult Pirate Party Cruises or Family Treasure Cruises. Consider a Private Charter if you’d like to provide your own food and beverages.

How long are we on the water?
Scheduled times are boarding times. We have approximately 15 minutes of boarding activities, and we allow 10-15 minutes at the end of the cruise for passengers to disembark. 1.5-hour cruises include about an hour of sailing time, 2-hour cruises, 1.5 hours of sailing time and so on.

Do you have a Ship Store?
Yes, along with drinks and snacks, we offer a variety of pirate swag, such as hats, swords, bandanas and eye patches in our ship’s store.

Do I need reservations?
We do accept walk-ups, but booking online is highly recommended. Many cruises will sell out, so if you want to guarantee your place onboard, be sure to book in advance.

Is there a restroom on board?
Yes, we have a fully functioning head (that’s pirate talk for restroom).

What is the capacity of the ship?
The US Coast Guard has certified Queen Anne’s Revenge for no more than 47 passengers, excluding captain and crew. The Coast Guard has final say in this matter and no exceptions can be made. It’s the law.

Is there seating on board?
Yes. Queen Anne’s Revenge has plenty of bench seating. You are welcome to use it, but we encourage everyone to get up and join the fun.

Are there life jackets aboard the ship?
Absolutely. At Emerald City Pirates, safety will always be our first priority. The US Coast Guard requires that we carry enough lifejackets for every single passenger on board. The type of lifejackets we are required to carry is for emergency use only, however. They are not needed under normal circumstances. If you would feel more comfortable with your child wearing a floatation device, we encourage you to bring your own.

Do adults need to accompany children?
Yes. All scallywags ages 14 and under must have adult supervision. During the cruise, our pirates will keep them engaged and entertained. The old salts are welcome to retreat to the poop deck (yes, that’s a real term for the upstairs deck), but we need you there for backup! Each group of children must be accompanied by at least one adult.

What is Emerald City Pirates’ Cancellation Policy?
Cash refunds or credits will not be issued once you have booked your individual ticket(s) on a cruise. Please ensure that you are booking your correct desired date and time for sailing, as well as the correct number of tickets. Rebooking for Adult Pirate Party Cruises and Family Treasure Cruises are subject to a $10 fee. Should you need to cancel 72 hours or more prior to your scheduled sailing time, Emerald City Pirates will, at their sole discretion, attempt to re-book you on another cruise within 90 days of your original booking. No rebooking is offered within 72 hours of scheduled sailing time.

Private Charters have up to 30 days prior to sailing to receive a 50% refund of their deposit.


“I heard about Emerald City Pirates through a networking event at the South Lake Union Chamber and thought it would be great for son’s 8th Birthday! The team did not let us down. They made for an exciting and fun boat ride and my kids and family enjoyed it! Thanks for a great day!”

Kelly K (Verified Trip Advisor Review)

“Someone in our office had the idea of chartering a boat to take our team (~40 people) out onto the water for a late-summer team event, and so we reached out to the Emerald City Pirates thinking the theme would put a fun, quirky spin on things. I am so glad we contacted them! Everyone was fantastically helpful when we first called, answering all of the questions we had as well as many we had not even thought about. They were very flexible when it came to dates, and, after asking a little bit about what sort of experience we were looking for, they helped us decide on a course for the trip. I don’t think they could have made the planning process any easier for us. The event itself was an absolute blast! They supplied music and some pirate cheer that kept our whole team laughing and having a great time over the whole 3-hour trip”

Verified Trip Advisor Reviewer

“My husband and I took my 3 year old son on the family cruise and enjoyed every moment. The pirates were fun and engaging the entire time. My son was so excited to be a pirate for the hour and a half. He enjoyed shooting the water cannons, searching for pirate booty, and dancing! He talked about the event for the rest of the evening and when he woke up asked if we could go back! Thank you for an amazing adventure!”

Verified Trip Advisor Review

“The kids loved the idea of being pirates! The crew were wonderful and funny and engaged the kids during the whole time (1.5 hour) with games and activities. They loved to look for the treasure and shoot the cannons. The tour itself of Union lake was a really nice and long one. I also enjoyed it very much! I totally recommend it for kids! Fun and great value for our money.”

Lindsay – Verified Trip Advisor Review

“My 6-year old son and I have now been on the cruise twice with friends of his. He loves it and I’m sure we’ll be back again. The crew really goes out of their way to do lots of fun “extras” (e.g., pirate tattoos, storylines, extra props) to make the cruise engaging for kids. The ship is small enough that you can talk to the captain and crew and they are all very personable. And who doesn’t love a cruise around Lake Union? Highly recommend as a family event! Playing in the South Lake Union splash fountain before/after makes for a great all-around outing.”

Kira – Verified TripAdvisor Review

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